IP Complaints Alert: Steer Clear of 594 Brands with Troubling History!


IP Complaints


594 Brands You Should Avoid Due to IP Complaints History!

In today’s competitive market, navigating the world of brand management can be a complex task. One crucial aspect is understanding which brands have a history of Intellectual Property (IP) complaints. This guide aims to shed light on 594 such brands that you should steer clear of to protect your business and reputation.

The Significance of Avoiding Brands with IP Complaints

When you engage with brands that have a history of IP complaints, you open yourself up to potential legal troubles. This can lead to financial losses, tarnished reputation, and even the suspension of your Amazon seller account. Therefore, it’s imperative to be aware of these brands and take precautionary measures.


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Understanding IP Complaints

IP complaints typically arise when a brand feels its intellectual property rights, such as trademarks or copyrights, have been violated. This can occur through activities like trademark infringement, counterfeiting, or copyright violations. By avoiding brands with a history of IP complaints, you safeguard your business from such legal entanglements.

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Brands

√ Brand Reputation

A brand’s reputation is a direct reflection of its integrity and trustworthiness. Researching a brand’s reputation can provide valuable insights into its business practices and history.

√ Legal Precedence

Examining any legal cases or complaints involving a brand is essential. It offers a clear picture of the brand’s standing in the eyes of the law.

√ Consumer Feedback

Customer reviews and feedback can be a goldmine of information. Negative reviews related to IP issues should be a red flag.

√ Industry Standing

Consider the brand’s position within its industry. Established and reputable brands are less likely to engage in IP disputes.


How to Protect Your Business

Avoiding brands with IP complaints is just one step in safeguarding your business. Additionally, ensure you conduct thorough research before partnering with any brand. This includes a detailed review of contracts, understanding of licensing agreements, and consulting legal advice if necessary.


Following are some of the Brands with IP complaints History!


Brand Reselling Allowed?
111Skin Products No
1Com No
3doodler No
3Ns No
Abysse America No
Advanced clinicals No
Air No
Akai No
Algenist No
All Goods No
Allegra No
AllerLife No
Alpha No
Altec Lansing No
Altec Lansing No
Altec Lansing ( Sakar Inc.) No
American red cross No
Amovo No
Amplim No
Amway No
Andoer No
Angels Fancy Dress No
Angelsounds No
Ann Willaims No
Apple No
Aquapix No
Aquarius No
Armor All  (must provide documentation)
Arthritis Hot No
Artistry No
Asmodee ( catan ) No
Aspercreme No
Atmosphere No
Audio Technica No
Audiotech No
Aunt Jackie’s No
Aurum No
Australian Gold No
Avana No
Baby Born No
Baby Bullet No
Baby Dumpling No
Babyganics  (can sell as Used-Like New)
Babyliss No
Babyplus No
Back to the Roots No
Bactimicina No
Baggallini No
Bakers Secret No
Bakugan No
Ban No
Bartesian No
Base Camp Outfitters No
Bassbuds No
Bausch + Lomb No
Beaba No
Beachbody No
Bear No
Bearpaw  (can sell as Used-Like New)
Beauty Concept No
Beauty Pet No
Belkin No
Bellingham No
Berwick No
Besdata No
Bestomz No
Bethesda No
Beyerdynamic No
BH Cosmetics No
BIC (can sell as Used-Like New) No
Big Mouth Inc. No
Biolite No
Biore No
Biossance No
Bissell No
Blitzball No
Bloomeffects No
Blue mic No
Blue Microphones No
Bodum No
Boiron No
Boley No
Boppy No
Bose No
Boston No
Bpro No
Brach’s No
Bracoo No
Bratz No
Braun No
Bravo Sierra No
Britannia No
Britax No
Broncosan No
BruMate No
Buck No
BulbHead No
Bulbhead No
Butterick No
Bver Inc. No
Byrd Hair Products No
C’est Moi No
Caldrea  (can sell as Used-Like New)
California Tan No
Calphalon No
Calvin Klein No
canary No
Canary No
Canon No
Capital Brands No
Capzasin-HP No
Carbon Beauty No
Carol’s Daughter No
Case-Mate (must provide documentation) No
Cast Elegance No
Cetaphil No
Chantelle No
Charmin No
Chefman No
Chemex No
Chemex No
Chemical Guys No
Chinkyboo No
Chloe No
Christian Dior No
City Scene No
Clair Beauty No
Classical Stretch No
ClicTime No
Cloud-B No
CocoKind No
CoComelon No
Colbalt lawn tools No
Coleman No
Comfylife No
Comic Concept No
Comic Images No
Comic Maker No
Contour Living No
Cortizone-10 No
costa farm No
coton No
Cra-Z-Art No
Cra-Z-Art No
Craft-tastic No
Crest No
Cricut No
Crocs No
Crosley No
Crown laboratories No
Cuddl duds No
Cuisinart No
Cuisinart No
Culturelle No
Curel No
Curls No
Dakine Equipment No
Davidoff No
DBPower No
De La Cruz No
Dead Sea Collection No
Deejo No
Dermelect No
Deuter No
Dionis line of goats milk soap and lotion No
Discovery No
Discovery #Mindblown No
Discovery Kids No
Discovery Toys No
Disney No
DLC Laboratories No
Dockers No
Dog & Bone No
DPHue No
Dr Brandts No
Dr. Bronner’s No
Dr. Ginger’s No
Dude Wipes No
Dulcolax No
Duracell  (can sell as Used-Like New)
Earth’s Care No
easy butter No
EasyPix No
EB5 No
Eddie Bauer No
Eero No
Effersan  (must follow MAP pricing if selling)
Elf on the shelf No
Emsco Group No
Energizer  (must provide documentation)
Epic Drops (brands include Piggy, Bendy, FGTeeV, Ice Scream) No
ESpring No
Essentrics No
Essie (nail polish) No
Estroven No
Etereauty No
Eu’Genia No
Eva NYC No
Evutec No
Faber-Castell No
FameTek No
FAO Schwarz No
Favorite Findings No
Fifty/Fifty No
Fingerlings No
Finlo No
First Aid Beauty No
First com No
Firstline No
Fissler GmbH No
Fitbit No
Fitlife No
Fortress brands. Jalapeño hot sauces. No
FoxyBae No
Fremantle No
Fresh Brandz No
Frida Kahlo Corporation No
Frye No
Fujifilm No
Furinno No
G & F Products No
Garunk No
Gel-A-Peel No
genius water filters No
Georgie No
Gerber – Onsie No
Glade No
Glitzhome No
Global Beauty Care No
Globulo Rojo No
GN Netcom No
Go Donut No
Go Extreme No
Goal Zero No
Gold Bond No
Goldie Blox No
Goop Glow No
GoPro No
Grace & Stella No
Grandpa Beck’s No
Griffin No
Guess No
Gund No
Hammer + Axe No
Hape No
Harry’s No
Hauptstadtkoffer No
Havex No
Heavenly Hunks No
Helen Of Troy No
Helle No
Hempz No
Heos No
Hess No
Hewlett-Packard No
Hey Honey No
Hodedah No
Hoka No
Holistic Help No
Home-it No
Honest Baby No
Honestly Cute No
House of Marley  (must provide documentation)
Huion No
i2o No
ibex No
Icy Hot No
ideal No
iHip No
Ihip No
Ikea No
Ikea No
Ikoo No
Implus Footcare No
Inateck No
Inkey No
Inkrite No
Inkwrite No
Inova No
Instant Brands No
Interlink products No
Invisibobble (scrunchies) No
Ion No
iRobot No
It Haircare No
Italkonline No
Ito Professional No
IZod No
Jabra No
Jansport No
Jansport No
Jasco No
Jennifer Lopez No
Jergens No
Jet Creations No
Jil Sander No
JLab No
Joe Aqua/Joe Sun No
John Frieda No
Juara No
Jumiso No
Kao USA No
Kasentex No
Kate Spade No
Keababies No
Kevyn Aucoin Cosmetics No
Kidsbo No
Kilner No
Kind2skin No
Kinetic Sand No
Kitchenaid No
Kitsch No
Kitsound No
Klean Kanteen No
Klipsch No
KOA ( John Frieda/Biore ) No
Kobalt tools No
Koh koh No
Kong No
Koolatron No
Koozie No
Kopari No
Kylie Cosmetics No
L.O.L. Dolls No
La Roche Posay No
Lalaloopsy No
LaMode No
Lansinoh Laboratories No
Laura Ashley No
Lavanila No
Lavie No
Leaf Claws No
Leatherman Tool No
Lee No
Leg Avenue No
Lego  (some so far have been reported)
Leicke No
Levi’s No
Life Proof Cases No
Life Scan/One Touch No
Light In The Dark No
Lime Crime No
Linksys No
Linxor No
Little likes kids No
Livivo No
LOL Suprise No
Lorell No
Luga No
Lumene No
Lumineux No
Luseta No
Lush No
Macoon No
Madre Perla de Ultratez No
Magic Bullet No
Magic tracks No
Marantz No
Mariani No
Mars Candy Company No
Marvel No
Mary K No
Mason Tops No
McLaren No
Medela No
Mederma No
Megryhthm No
Memory Soft No
Method  (can sell as Used-Like New)
Might Dog No
Mind Lab Pro No
MiroPure No
Mobi (Mobi Cams) No
Mommy’s Bliss No
Monkey Mat No
Monsieur Bebe No
Monster No
Mother’s Milk Spectra No
Motorola No
Moulin Roty No
Mrs. Myers  (can sell as Used-Like New)
Muna Loa No
My little pony No
Mykirei No
Nasacort No
Natural Glow No
Nature’s Way No
Natures Bounty No
Natures Intent No
Natures Made No
Nautica No
Neat Company No
Neato Robotics No
Neewer No
Nikon No
Ninja Blenders No
Nintendo Super Mario No
Nisaku No
NO 7 No
Noco No
North Face No
North Star Games  (must provide documentation)
NorthFace No
Nutrafol No
NutriBullet No
Ocusan No
OFF!  (can sell as Used-Like New)
Olaplex No
Olay No
Onesie No
onespace No
Onezie No
oofoos No
OOTD (Outfit of the Day) No
Opinet No
Orbeez No
Oregon Brand Lawn Tools No
Organ Brand Lawn Tools No
Organic Pharmacy No
Orico No
Osmo No
Otter Box No
Ovega-3 No
Owala No
P&G Gilette No
Paddington Bear No
Pampered Chef No
Patagonia No
Patagonia No
Paula’s Choice No
Pause No
Paw Patrol No
Peace Out No
Penn No
Peppa Pig No
Pet Armor No
Philips No
Philips Kingsley No
Phone Soap No
Picci No
Piggy Paint No
Pioneer No
PJ Mask No
Polo Ralph Lauren No
Popband No
PreSonus No
Presonus No
Pure Valley No
Puritans Pride No
Quadpro No
Que Bella No
Quita Piojos No
Raid  (can sell as Used-Like New)
Rainbow Light No
Rainbow Loom No
Rainbow Sandals No
Ralph Lauren No
Raw Sugar No
Razer No
Razor No
Red Castle No
Redcon1 No
Refinery and Co. No
Renew Life No
Revlon No
Ring IP Doorbells No
RoC Skincare No
Rock & Republic  (must provide documentation)
Rock the Locks No
Rockport No
RockTape No
Rodan + Fields No
Rolaids No
rubbermaid No
rubbermaid commercial No
Sally Products No
Samsonite No
Sanofi No
Sarna No
Schlage No
Schlage Lock Company No
Scosche No
Scott No
Selsun blue No
Sharper Image No
Shrine No
Smartmouth (mouthwash) No
Smarty Pants vitamins No
Snapchat No
Snow Oral Care No
Soap and glory No
SoapSox No
Sol Republic No
Solemates No
Solo No
Sonic Hedgehog No
Sound United No
Spa Scriptions No
Spin Master No
Spirit Riding Free No
Sportscreme No
Square No
Stanley No
Starface Outer Space Foaming Body No
steel series No
Step 2 No
Step 2 No
Sterilite No
Sugar in the raw No
sunfoods No
Sunwise No
Super Macho No
swiffer No
Swift Home No
Swimways No
Switchmate No
Switchmate No
Systane No
Table Mate No
Tangible Play No
Telebrands No
Tendskin No
Terre Mere No
The Black Series No
The Mane Choice No
Theorie Beauty No
Therabody No
Thirsty Milo No
Tile No
Tommee Tippee No
Tommy Bahama No
Tonka No
Trilogy Skincare No
Tummy Tucker No
Tweezerman No
Twisted X No
Tzumi No
Ugg No
Unique No
Unisom No
UP4 No
Urban Decay Makeup No
Urban Skin Rx No
Vans No
Vantrue No
Vaporex No
Velcro No
Vertex No
Victoria’s Secret No
Vionic No
Vital Proteins No
W311 No
Waikati No
Warner Music Group No
Wet Brush No
What do you Meme No
Whitmor No
Wild fern No
Williams Sonoma No
Wonder wallet No
Worx No
Wrangler No
Wrigley Gum No
Wusthov No
Xyzal No
Yes To No
Yeti No
Yeti No
Yoga Labs No
Zagg No
Zagg  (can sell as Used-Like New)
Zantac No
Zap No
zipit No
Zipit No
Zippo No
Zoku No
Zumiez No
Zuru No

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can IP complaints lead to legal action against my business?

Yes, IP complaints can lead to legal action, including lawsuits, if not addressed promptly and appropriately.

Q: How can I verify if a brand has a history of IP complaints?

You can check with relevant authorities, conduct online searches, or use specialized tools that track brand complaints.

Q: What are some common types of IP complaints?

Common IP complaints include trademark infringement, copyright violations, and patent disputes.

Q: Can a brand with IP complaints improve its reputation?

Yes, it is possible for a brand with a history of IP complaints to rectify its practices and improve its reputation over time.

Q: Should I seek legal advice if I’m unsure about a brand’s IP history?

Yes, consulting with legal professionals specializing in intellectual property is a wise step to take for any uncertainties.

Q: Are there industry-specific considerations for avoiding brands with IP complaints?

Yes, certain industries may have unique challenges and regulations related to IP, so it’s crucial to be aware of these factors.


Taking proactive measures to avoid brands with IP complaints is a critical aspect of responsible business conduct. It protects your business from legal entanglements and upholds your reputation in the market. By being diligent in your research and seeking legal advice when needed, you can ensure the longevity and success of your business.


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