5 Expert Tips for Your Amazon Product Launch

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Amazon product launch can be both exciting and daunting. With the right strategies, you can maximize your chances of success and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Here are five expert tips from eBrandX.com, who has successfully launched over 300 products on Amazon.

1. Avoid Competing with Big Box Brands For Your Amazon Product Launch

Tip: Try to launch products not dominated by big box brands.

Why: Big brands like Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno, and Vaseline are slow to move, allowing you to get years ahead of them with niche products. Focus on categories where these brands haven’t established dominance, such as specific skin care products or unique health supplements.

Example: Instead of competing with major eczema or pimple cream brands, find a unique formulation that big brands haven’t yet popularized.

2. Use Bright and Bold Packaging For Your Amazon Brand

Tip: Make your packaging bright and bold to stand out.

Why: Bright colors and innovative packaging grab attention in search results, increasing your click-through rate (CTR). This is crucial for getting potential customers to view your listing.

Example: Instead of the usual white bottles and caps, opt for a clear bottle with a gold cap or other eye-catching designs.

3. Trademark a Catchy Brand Name For Your Amazon Product Launch

Tip: Trademark a catchy name for each product.

Why: A memorable and catchy brand name can differentiate your product and make it easy for customers to remember and click on your listing.

Example: Names like “Skin Magic” or “Rash Be Gone” are memorable and convey the product’s benefits directly.

4. Launch with a Competitive Price Point

Tip: Launch your product at a lower price point, then raise it as you gain reviews and sales.

Why: Lower prices reduce the risk for buyers who are wary of products with no reviews. This strategy helps you gain initial traction and build social proof.

Example: If your target price is $24.99, start at $14.99. Use coupons to create urgency and encourage purchases.

Additional Tip: Fill out your listing completely, including the Q&A section, to build trust and provide as much information as possible to potential buyers.

5. Offer Product Variations

Tip: Launch with multiple variations and make one of the options very cheap.

Why: Variations can attract a wider audience and increase sales velocity. A lower-priced variation can act as a loss leader, drawing customers to your product.

Example: Offer a one-pack and a three-pack option. The one-pack can be priced lower to attract initial buyers, who may later opt for the three-pack once they trust your product.

Bonus Tip: Focus on Consumable Products

Tip: Whenever possible, launch consumable products.

Why: Consumable products lead to repeat purchases, increasing the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer. This is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers for non-consumable products.

Example: Products like skincare items, supplements, or any product that needs regular refills (e.g., toothbrush heads, razor blades) are ideal for creating a steady stream of repeat customers.


Q: How do I choose a niche that isn’t dominated by big brands?

A: Conduct thorough market research to identify gaps in the market. Tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 can help you analyze competition and find less saturated niches.

Q: What are some examples of bright and bold packaging?

A: Use vibrant colors and unique designs. For instance, a bright yellow bottle with a blue cap will stand out more than a plain white bottle.

Q: How can I trademark a catchy brand name?

A: You can file for a trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Make sure your brand name is unique and not already in use.

Q: Why should I use coupons for price reductions?

A: Coupons create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to buy now. They also highlight the discount more effectively than a simple price drop.

Q: What are the benefits of offering product variations?

A: Variations can appeal to different customer preferences and budgets, increasing your chances of making a sale. They also provide a price anchoring effect, making other options seem more valuable.

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