How to List a Product on Amazon Without Brand Registry ? Fix Amazon Seller Error 5665

Amazon is trying to reduce the issue of hijackers and encourage sellers to trademark their brands and become registered.

Trademark takes money and time. So, here’s how you can list your name without a brand registry.

Some people in the “brand name” section put N/A or 2 letters abbreviation to save that product listing.

Problem: It may be stuck as N/A usually it is being locked at N/A if this show up

  1. You can delete the product listing and start again you will lose GSl barcode (no one wants to do)
  2. You have to get in seller central and get your brand-approved

Don’t go N/A route instead contact seller support before you create your product listing and just approve your brand name.

If the product is registered enroll with the amazon brand registry, if not contact seller support and mention the error 5665.

Seek Amazon help and visit their brand name policy and tell seller support you are having error 5665 and provide images of product packaging showing your branding with your brand name on it.

If you have finished a brand sample from your supplier it means everything is good just take a picture and send make sure it’s on the table or in your hand, they should accept after all this

If you don’t have a finished branded sample mostly have no branded sample because it’s much cheaper.

  1. Just take a picture of an unbranded sample then using Canva or Photoshop impose your logo on the unbranded sample send it to seller support
  2. Create a sample box mock up on photoshop or canva or word with your product logo on it print that out and glue the paper onto the unbranded product take a pic to send seller support.

There is a chance to notice that it is photoshopped and they may not approve.

Tips: Hold your product in your hand when taking a picture

Blur the logo a little bit.. the more natural it will be the more chances of approval

Create JPEG file instead of PNG

Name your files properly.

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