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kerry wynn
I have now launched my e-commerce business and I couldn’t of done it without the help from eBrandX. They have been amazing from the start and I have learnt so much. I couldn’t have launched my 1st product without their help. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering a career in e-commerce.
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Razia Sultana
Great Service It was pleasant experience working with eBrandX. This team knows exactly what to do to satisfy the customer's needs. Looking forward to work with you again. Thank you eBrandX!
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Great company. I highly recommend Firass and his services..5 star all the way.
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Esre Trade
Premium and Professional Service ! I have experienced a high quality service. I have always found them responsive and come with a quick solution. They really know what they are doing and no time I have needed any stress while working with them.
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Alona Shapov
If you are looking for help selling on Amazon Firaas is your man Firaas has so much knowledge when it comes to sell on Amazon. He is so helpful and really knows how to help you succeed with selling on Amazon. I highly recommend him
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Herbert J
Responsive They work with me to manage my account. They saved my time and now I have helping hand to handle the day to day management in the right way.
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Carl Neves
Good value for money Appreciate the professionalism
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Mindy Harlin
Satisfied I have recommended some new friends to them. My experience has been awesome.
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Good work Hired them, and they worked very well for me. I will recommended to all new sellers
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Hunting High ROI Products

  • We find products that are guaranteed to give 50% to 200% return on investment.
  • Product margins are 30% to 60%+.
  • When finding a product we look for its small size, built, sturdiness, material used and certain factors before finalizing.
  • We source a highest quality products.
  • When sourcing from China, we specially focus on suppliers previous transaction history, ratings and make sure they are real manufactures.

Sourcing High Quality Products

Find and Rank on Winning Keywords

  • We thoroughly check your competitors and and monitor their rank vs yours.
  • We add high performing keywords to broaden your organic reach.
  • We update the keywords in Titles, Bullets, Search Terms, Description.
  • There are lot of ways to build a listing, depending upon your goals.
  • We utilize, external traffic sources like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram influencers to PPC on Amazon.
  • We do use a lot of rebate sites and do giveaways to rank on keywords.

Build Listing with Reviews


  • We enhance your brand with professional images, website and online presence to get indexed on search engines.
  • We help you in getting Trademark and getting registered as a Brand on Amazon

FREE Call on How to Generate $5000 per Month on Amazon

The proven framework we use for our clients which generated $5000 in the first month of launch

You will learn…

✅ Products that give 60% to 120% ROI 
✅ High quality suppliers /manufacturers
✅ Create a compelling offer and differentiation
✅ Dominate a product niche and beat competition



Experienced in launching products on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy and Walmart. eBrandX is working with new online sellers like you. We launch and grow your brand for you.

What services do you provide?

Amazon FBA: Private Label and Wholesale A to Z management

Etsy: Find US based suppliers, launch and grow your Etsy store

Shopify: Create branded store, run FB ads, supplier management

Can I see some results?

Yes, please contact us for our past work

Can I start with less investment?

Our clients have seen very good results. We will recommend based on your goals and budget. Yes, you can start small.

How much you charge?

Our charges are moderate. Reach out on WhatsApp or Facebook for more information

How can I trust?

We’d love to schedule a call before finalizing anything. Hop on call to know us better. We have past results that showcase our expertise.

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How to Sell on Amazon For Beginners - FAQs

12 hours ago

So I thought this group was nice and helpful by any and I get attacked up from a couple people so I will be leaving this group. I wish you all the best

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Alright, best of luck

Most groups have that problem. Very few exist without snarky and rude comments unfortunately. Very little kindness out there in general.


Cody, the issue is there is a “every one for themselves” mentality in all these groups. Where people want you to be successful but not as successful as them. Asking such questions will give rise to these people because they don’t want to just hand answers to the new comers. They want people to do their own research since you can’t rely on others to run your business for you and if you do all the leg work you will reap the benefits of knowledge as well as seeing your hard work pay off. Granted there is no need for people to be rude but I find these groups are more for general question not specific ones on what products to start with or launch. Hope you stay tho.

Don’t leave. Just a few bad apples. There are nice people here.

Don’t leave… just keep your armor on ❤️ I’ve had to!

Please stay. I’m a beginner too and it brings me comfort knowing that there are others like me. The questions you may have, I may know the answers to; Vice versa. In turn, beginners learn from each other. Furthermore, the people who attack others are typically removed by admin. You just have to tag them if you feel anyone is being rude🙂

Or you could learn to take criticism. You asked what people would recommend to start selling and everyone told you to do your own research as no one is going to tell you what to sell. Ask any seller and they'll tell you the hardest part of this whole experience is product research and finding those product that sells. Why should people do hrs of their own research to just give it away for free?

Don’t let other people ignorance change your way stay strong we are here on the same boat we can all be successful there is room for everyone don’t let negative commons get to you, and we all here to grow. this is all for your business.

Best of luck

Aww you want a kiss 😘 BYE FELECIA ‼️✌🏾

Don't go. Let the idiots be idiots. Just ignore the moronic comments that's all.

He saw it as being attacked, I read the comments as “tough love” and a heavy dose of reality. If you go to the gym asking if people can help you lift these weights for you, you’re gonna get a similar response. Many can help guide technique, but we still have to burn our own calories.

Aww just take the positives and leave the rest. I find it’s so supportive and you can connect with great people.

Maybe you should stay, do a lot of your own research and show your success and motivate the people who weren’t so kind. People don’t like when you ask them what to sell- if they knew, they’d be selling it themselves and unwilling to hand that information to competition but this group is very helpful for specific complications or situations that arise here and there with selling. People forget this is a group for beginners and then get uptight over newbie questions 🤷🏻‍♀️

wish you all the best Cody Follmann 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

In fairness, I am only one month in and I can’t believe how many people come to this page saying, “I want to be FBA, what do I do?” They deny knowing what a business model is etc. I find it rude. It’s like they heard you can make money on Amazon, think the people here are doing that, so… “tell me exactly how I can do it too.” I can’t tell you how many videos I watched while I initiated my application to get approved as a seller on Amazon. I watched so many that, piece by piece I started to put things together. I mainly sell books, CDs and DVDs for now. Tomorrow is my one-month anniversary and I’m just under my goal of 1.5 K in sales. I asked a few questions here, and tried to ask questions like “what does this specific thing mean”? Where can I find XYZ on seller central, etc and everyone was very helpful. I don’t blame people for not wanting to tell someone step-by-step every single thing you have to do. It’s your business and you have to show your invested in it. Not to mention, there’s so much to learn, there’s no way somebody can just lay it all out for you and if that’s really what you want then I guess those guys selling those high price courses are the guys for you. I think it’s also interesting that this page is FBA for beginners and so many beginners come here expecting well-seasoned people to have all the answers. I know there are a lot of people on here that have been doing this for a long time but, based on the title alone, I would expect a lot of newbies trying to help each other. Just my two cents, as they say. If this guy was that easily run off, he isn’t ready to run a business.

I made my first post about a week ago. All I got was a “good luck”. A few days passed and someone replied. To be honest the group seems to be more advanced than BEGINNERS and tend to help the ones already selling. I understand if you have no knowledge of any kind doing this, don’t join and ask for someone to hold your hand. I joined cause I was stuck on something and asked a question. But Only 1 person gave me their input. All good though

Yea it happens Always got to remember it’s Facebook they’ll let anyone in here I’m proof 🤣

This is not an airport, no need to announce your departure.

Don't give up, Be patient and learn to deal with what you do not want to hear. Tough skin baby!!*

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7 hours ago

Hi Sellers! So I will be launching my product very soon (maybe this week or next). The roadblock I'm hitting is that I have registered for my trademark 2 days ago, but am still unable to use the serial number on the brand registry application for Amazon. Question is: Can I list the product first then go BACK and register the brand? Will it then be applicable to the previous product? TIA! 😀

Should I:

  1. Go ahead and list the product and move forward with the launch.
  2. Wait to get brand registered then launch.

pic for attention

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Hi Sellers! So I will be launching my product very soon (maybe this week or next). The roadblock Im hitting is that I have registered for my trademark 2 days ago, but am still unable to use the serial number on the brand registry application for Amazon. Question is: Can I list the product first then go BACK and register the brand? Will it then be applicable to the previous product? TIA! 😀

Should I:
1. Go ahead and list the product and move forward with the launch.
1. Wait to get brand registered then launch.

pic for attention

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Im in almost the exact same situation as you. My application was just submitted 1.5 days ago and Amazon pop up said it may take up to 48 hours for the trademark number to show up on their system. So maybe we still have to wait a bit longer? Personally I am going to wait for brand registry to fully kick in before I launch. I don’t want anyone changing details on my post and I would rather do it right from the get go, since this is also my first product, I would prefer doing it right over doing it fast

10 hours ago

My storefront is finally visible except for business name it used my personal name instead of my business name. I have looked through desktop setting on seller central and cant seem to find a way to change it. Is it possible to change? Id rather not have my full legal name showing.

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Comment on Facebook

Yes in setttings/account info/seller profile.

5 hours ago

What happens to my merchandise that is returned? (I do FBA)

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Comment on Facebook

If its resellable, amazon will resell it. If it isnt, you can have them mail it back to you, donate it or discard it.

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