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kerry wynn
I have now launched my e-commerce business and I couldn’t of done it without the help from eBrandX. They have been amazing from the start and I have learnt so much. I couldn’t have launched my 1st product without their help. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering a career in e-commerce.
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Razia Sultana
Great Service It was pleasant experience working with eBrandX. This team knows exactly what to do to satisfy the customer's needs. Looking forward to work with you again. Thank you eBrandX!
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Great company. I highly recommend Firass and his services..5 star all the way.
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Esre Trade
Premium and Professional Service ! I have experienced a high quality service. I have always found them responsive and come with a quick solution. They really know what they are doing and no time I have needed any stress while working with them.
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Alona Shapov
If you are looking for help selling on Amazon Firaas is your man Firaas has so much knowledge when it comes to sell on Amazon. He is so helpful and really knows how to help you succeed with selling on Amazon. I highly recommend him
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Herbert J
Responsive They work with me to manage my account. They saved my time and now I have helping hand to handle the day to day management in the right way.
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Carl Neves
Good value for money Appreciate the professionalism
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Mindy Harlin
Satisfied I have recommended some new friends to them. My experience has been awesome.
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Good work Hired them, and they worked very well for me. I will recommended to all new sellers
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HAPPY Clients

Hunting High ROI Products

  • We find products that are guaranteed to give 50% to 200% return on investment.
  • Product margins are 30% to 60%+.
  • When finding a product we look for its small size, built, sturdiness, material used and certain factors before finalizing.
  • We source a highest quality products.
  • When sourcing from China, we specially focus on suppliers previous transaction history, ratings and make sure they are real manufactures.

Sourcing High Quality Products

Find and Rank on Winning Keywords

  • We thoroughly check your competitors and and monitor their rank vs yours.
  • We add high performing keywords to broaden your organic reach.
  • We update the keywords in Titles, Bullets, Search Terms, Description.
  • There are lot of ways to build a listing, depending upon your goals.
  • We utilize, external traffic sources like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram influencers to PPC on Amazon.
  • We do use a lot of rebate sites and do giveaways to rank on keywords.

Build Listing with Reviews


  • We enhance your brand with professional images, website and online presence to get indexed on search engines.
  • We help you in getting Trademark and getting registered as a Brand on Amazon

FREE Call on How to Generate $5000 per Month on Amazon

The proven framework we use for our clients which generated $5000 in the first month of launch

You will learn…

✅ Products that give 60% to 120% ROI 
✅ High quality suppliers /manufacturers
✅ Create a compelling offer and differentiation
✅ Dominate a product niche and beat competition



Experienced in launching products on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy and Walmart. eBrandX is working with new online sellers like you. We launch and grow your brand for you.

What services do you provide?

Amazon FBA: Private Label and Wholesale A to Z management

Etsy: Find US based suppliers, launch and grow your Etsy store

Shopify: Create branded store, run FB ads, supplier management

Can I see some results?

Yes, please contact us for our past work

Can I start with less investment?

Our clients have seen very good results. We will recommend based on your goals and budget. Yes, you can start small.

How much you charge?

Our charges are moderate. Reach out on WhatsApp or Facebook for more information

How can I trust?

We’d love to schedule a call before finalizing anything. Hop on call to know us better. We have past results that showcase our expertise.

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How to Sell on Amazon For Beginners - FAQs

7 hours ago

Inventory is Still being processed

Thanks to everyone that's been stopping by 🙏

This week I finally get to start all over

My conversion rate has always been good but can Always be better

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Inventory is Still being processed 
Thanks to everyone thats been stopping by 🙏 

This week I finally get to start all over 

My conversion rate has always been good but can Always be better
7 hours ago

Hello, I need an adviser to help me find a profitable product. Please get in contact with me.

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3 days ago

How much money can I start with (minimum) ??? FBA

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Imani Mayes, my answer to your question is: Different types of goods and different product costs require different product costs; If you say FBA, the starting capital you need is about $5K+ If you are starting from wholesale, the starting capital you need is about: 3K+

0 - by starting selling what you have at home, you literally don't need any money. Couple bucks for shipping tho..

Everyone’s answer is different. I started with $100

I started with books on my bookcase. Started small so I would not be overwhelmed

Honestly you can start with very little if doing FBA or FBM. I think I originally bought about $200 worth of products and waited for the payout to get more and then it builds from there. If you are doing private label or wholesale you probably need more to start because of minimum orders, etc.

It varies depends on your business model you choose

Would also like to know

There are alot of models to start selling on Amazon. Like Amazon Private Label, Wholesale, Arbitrage. ✅For Wholesale you need about $2K plus a registered company, resale certificate, website and professional email. We get reselling rights from a distributor or brand in your home country and sell their items for a profit. ✅For Arbitrage you need upto $1000. You need to find discounted online products on online retailers and Walmart etc. Becareful to check IP complaints and required approvals beforehand. ✅For Private Label, you can get started in $ 3000 to $5000.. but first you need to have a high margin, high demand, low competition product and then source from China. Having said that, it is very important to find the right product and take account several factors like IP complaints, trademarks, seasonality, competition, form and weight etc. Best tools: For #Arbitrage : Seller AmpSas, Buybotpro, Tactical Arbitrage, Keepa For #Wholesale: Scan unlimited, analyzer tools, wholesale inspector, Keepa For #Privatelabel: Helium10, JS, Viral Launch To learn more about Amazon FBA business models, subscribe to my YouTube channel: This is how we work with our arbitrage, wholesale and private label clients

Wholesaling and 3PL dropshipping minimum is $20K+. I have an operations team doing everything for me. You don’t want your listings to ever be sold out.

U can start very low with books. Can probably start with $20 if u find the right stuff and build from there

I started with 250£

Do the books need to be in pristine condition? I have loads at home that are just gathering dust. May have a little wear and tear


I start with $4000 and more I sale more fba holds 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️



You can start with 50 bucks if you wanted just going to take longer to build inventory. I started with less than 300

Hi Imani Mayes. How are you? It really depend on what business model are you going to do. If you are planning to do Wholesale, that for sure needs a lot of money since you have to purchase the products in Bulk. If you are planning to do OA/RA instead then you just need a bit since you can control the no. of purchases. If you are new, I suggest you to do OA/RA instead because you'll need a bit of money and you can start purchasing maybe 5-10 products just to test the waters. So if other sellers are going to jump in the seller list, and tanking happens, you only have 5-10 items on your listing and you won't lose a lot of money. Hope this helps you and if you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask 😉😉

3000 -5000 if ur experienced & diligent

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11 hours ago

So…I think I have given up on this or maybe just taking a break. I researched, made a product, got the products to my house, go to upload it to Amazon and… my logo doesn’t have the exact brand name with the LLC at the end. Now I’m stuck. Amazon keeps declining me to list my product and I don’t have the knowledge to do generic listing. Any advice? I’m sitting on product I can’t list. Feeling super stuck.

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If your talking about PL ! You didn’t get brand approval first ?

Reach out with screenshots. I ll assist

Hmm.. my logo, trademark and amazon store name are the same and they are all different than my registered business name. Perhaps this is one of those cases that would be solved by going through brand registry + trademarking? Or are they saying that your logo text doesn't match the trademark name?

Request a call. It’s better to chat to someone xxx

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